The Secret Magicks of Maine

The Merchandise

Free Downloads

Free Coloring book pages. Download coloring book pages for free and have fun coloring them.

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    Queen of the Lobsters

    Victoria Queen of the Lobsters is th egardian of all lobster kind. [Download the Page]

Art Prints from the book

All prints from the book can be bought from Sizes of the prints range from 4 x 5 inches to 16 x 20 inches

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    Butterfly Shepard

    Butterfly Shepard also known as Butterfly Angel are known to bring monarch butterflies from thier winter home in Mexico to Maine every year [ Buy the Print]
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    Lantern Carrying Catterpillar

    A monarch caterpillar enjoying the celebration of "The Night of Lights"[ Buy the Print ]
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    Paint Pot Dwarves

    Small industrial dwatves that paint the leaves in fall to the bright colors of orange, red ,and yellow.[ Buy the Print ]
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