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2007 Calendar of Events & Guest Storytellers

The Golden Raven Storytelling Circle of Maine presents live storytelling in a druid-like stone circle around a sculpted fire chamber at 8 PM every Friday & Saturday evening during the summer – June 15 – September 29 (except for the weekend of September14 & 15, as the Circle will be hosting the gathering of the 18th annual Council of Men). If inclement weather, all events will be held in the adjacent Meadow Wood Lodge. The weekend programs feature world stories, French Canadian tales, myths, folk & fairy tales, as well as Maine humor. Storytellers include Roland Watier and guest storytellers. Adults $10, children $5, families $25. There will also be a few Friday matinee performances during the summer. Call for more info.


Summer Schedule

June 15, Friday

- Opening Night –

Drummers & percussionists are invited to the Circle at this time of year to invite our ancestors back into our lives, to give them great honor, and anything else they want,because stories would not be, if it weren’t for them. This night is a community gathering and is free to the public. Come and tell one of your favorite family stories.

June 16, Saturday

– Debra Ballou -

This New Hampshire storyteller will mesmerize us with her Native American flute and nature oriented stories.


June 22, Friday

- Roland Watier -

Father’s Day Series. Stories honoring our fathers followed by an open mike.

June 23, Saturday

Roland Watier

Stories about the relationship between fathers and sons.

June 29, Friday, 2 PM Matinee

– Learnin’ Vernon -

Not So Scarry Tales.Tamed Tales to sleep by. This special Friday matinee will feature fun and silly “ghost tales” around the campfire followed by 45 minutes of games and activities for ages 6 – adult. Bring your camp, day program, friends, and family.


June 29, Friday – 8 PM

Learnin’ Vernon&Roland Watier

Scared to Death – the Adult Program. They join forces to tingle your spine and raise your hair. This adventure is not recommended for the young or weak of heart.

June 30, Saturday

– Shifra-Lilith, Walking Moon -

From the Bay State, a very engaging poet and healing arts storyteller.


July 6, Friday

- Roland Watier -

True stories about flying school buses, lumber camps, and other adventures in Maine hunting and fishing camps in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

July 7, Saturday

– Mike Harris –

Humorous stories about tuning 50 and the humor and heart found in everyday situations and mundane occurrences. This will be Mike’s second annual appearance at the Golden Raven.


July 13, Friday – Matinee- 2PM.

– Learnin’ Vernon presents Willey Phinedit -

Fishing For Fun. This Teller of Legends Lore and a whole lot more will be performing fishing stories and camp lore tales. Includes games and activities for ages 6- adult.

July 13, Friday – 8 PM

- Willey Phinedit -

You from Maine.Willey Phinedit, Tall Taleoligist and Maine Unregistered Guide will be performing his mental tour ofMythick County, Maine and will answer some questions that locals and visitors ask every single day.


July 14, Saturday

– Herd of Moose -

Several storytellers from the Portland Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiast, back again this year by popular demand.

July 20, Friday

- Roland Watier -

Maine stories and humor.

July 21, Saturday

– Jim LaChapelle –

Coming up from MA., Jim the Storyteller will entertain us with stories for children.


July 27, Friday

–Doria Hughes –

Doria has a regular Children’s storytelling hour at Porter Square Books in Cambridge,MA, where she enriches her stories with many sound effects.


July 28, Saturday

- Roland Watier -

Stories from around the world.


August 3, Friday

– The Cox Brothers Family Camp Show. –

Learnin’ Vernon and brother, Gray, perform stories, skits, & songs during a campfire experience where “Strangers are treated like family and Families are encouraged to act a little strange.

August 4, Saturday

- Roland Watier -

Maine stories and humor.

August 10, Friday

- Roland Watier -

International stories about children. Some are dark.

August 11, Saturday

– Ken Galipeau –

Ken, a specialist in children’s stories, songs, & poems, creates “mind pictures” as he brings each character to life and punctuates the action with sound effects. Ken is crossing many states to entertain us.


August 17, Friday

- Roland Watier -

Sufi stories.

August 18, Saturday

– Claire Bettlestone (Nomad) –

A Story Teller on the Silk Road. Attired in a tradional Uzbek/Tajik dress, she will share ancient stories of Central Asia, that she has collected in her many years of travel.

August 24, Friday

- Roland Watier -

True stories about flying school buses, lumber camps, and other adventures in Maine hunting and fishing camps in the late 50’s & early 60’s.

August 25, Saturday

– Herd of Moose -

Several Storytellers from the Portland Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts. Encore Performance of 2007.

August 31, Friday

- Roland Watier -

World stories


September 1, Saturday

– Michael Parent –

From here to New Zealand and many places in between, Michael, a native Mainer of French-Canadian descent, has performed as a storyteller and singer, in both English and French, since 1977. He is a 1999 recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award.


September 7, Friday

- Roland Watier -

Stories of labor and toil.

September 8, Saturday

- Roland Watier -

Roland’s Surprise

September 14 and 15

Circle closed. Men’s Council

September 21, Friday

- Roland Watier -

Earth healing stories.

September 22, Saturday

- Roland Watier -

Stories of Rural Life.

September 28, Friday

– W. Kirk Avery –

Stories to Heal the Heart. Kirk is a survivor of the Korean War and directly following, harder times on city streets. Through his stories he reminds us that we each matter, that the darkest of past shadows might yet be transformed into life, renewal, even hope.

September 29, Saturday

– Closing of the Circle -

Roland’s favorite stories, requests, and closing ceremony. We will thank our ancestors for being with us all summer. Free to the public.


October 27, 2007

- Roland Watier -

Tales of Terror around the Bonfire Join world renowned story tellers at the Golden Raven Story Telling Circle in Union Maine on October 27th for a Halloween themed night of story telling. Not an evening for the young or light hearted, this evening's stories will send chills down your spine and will drive you closer to the bonfire at the heart of the circle for both warmth and reassurance. Ghost stories and other tales of terror from members of MOOSE (Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts) will create a night you will never forget. Storytellers featured include: Vernon Cox - traditional Maine camping scary tales Susan Dries - stories based on ghost and the supernatural Roland Watier - mythical stories twisted by the human mind Other surprise stories and story tellers

October 31 (Halloween night)11 PM to Midnight

- Roland Watier -

Roland Watier will be "Storyteller to the World" as he scares listeners of Father Paul Keenan's As You Think program on Sirius Satellite Radio's Channel 159. The radio show has 11.5 million listeners. To listen to the show online, visit www.TheCatholicChannel.org and sign up for a free 3 day subscription.