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Roland Watier

Roland Watier

Roland was born in Gardiner, Maine and has French Canadian and Maine ancestry. He was always an artist. With his father and his father’s friends, he has had many hunting and fishing experiences and has many stories. He volunteered for the Navy and spent 3 years in Vietnam waters. He was a photo intelligence analyst and is a decorated Vietnam Vet.

He returned to Maine and with his wife of 36 years, established a farm and built his own home by converting a large hay barn. At the Farm, he established a barber shop and a sign shop and was at home while his children were growing up.

He is a sculptor, woodcarver, and bronze artist. One of his works is the Medal of Honor Bronze in the Rotunda at the state capital in Augusta.

One of his passions has been environmental preservation, recycling, and volunteerism and his daughter, Katherine is following in his path. His son has illustrated one of Roland’s stories and their book, ANTS- Another Nice Tasty Sweet – was published in November 2004. The family shares a website-Watier.org and a business showcasing the family’s artistic work – Watier Productions. His son's art work can be seen here.

For 18 years Roland has been involved with Men’s Groups, one of which now meets at the Farm. In the past few years, Roland has moved into professional Storytelling and has established the Golden Raven Storytelling Circle. Stories are alive and well during the weekends in the summer at this enchanting druidic circle warmed and lite by a campfire. He also enthralls children as Father Christmas every holiday season.

Roland would like to acknowledge the ongoing love and support of his beloved wife, Carol, in helping him to explore his many interests and endeavors.

Roland Watier's Characters
Roland Watier Charcter 01 Roland Watier Charcter 02 Roland Watier Charcter 03
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Roland Watier's Carvings

Roland Watier Wood Carving 02 Roland Watier Wood Carving 03 Roland Watier Wood Carving 01
Roland Watier Wood Carving 04 Roland Watier Wood Carving 05 Roland Watier Wood Carving 06
Roland Watier Wood Carving 07 Roland Watier Wood Carving 08 Roland Watier Wood Carving 09