Happy Holidays

Add magic to your holiday party by inviting Father Christmas to meet your guests.

What is better to add a spark of mystery and holiday spirit to your event than have Father Christmas appear to remind the children to be ?good?, to gather their wish lists, listen to their dreams and laugh his jolly laugh with a twinkle in his eye?

Unlike the mall Santas, Roland Watier is trained in both Santa and Father Christmas history and lore, but looks like the traditional Father Christmas and has enthralled children at events throughout the East Coast.

No other individual is as convincing, as warm, as ?real? as Roland Watier and he would love to spread the magic of Christmas to your children, your staff, your family.

To learn more about rates and to arrange a visit, please email [email protected]

May your holidays be joyful and bright,

Merry Christmas

For Reservations of Large Parties Please Call 207.785.4730